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Virtual stores

We do not claim that virtual stores are the future of retail shopping. Yet, for more and more people, especially those working long hours, virtual stores have become an easy and convenient way of shopping. There are also great advantages for the owners of such stores.

Thus, the owner of a virtual store can increase sales significantly and with minimal costs. Costs are sufficiently low to encourage producers give up on paying thousands of Euros in rent each month for adequate space in a shopping centre and to sell their products exclusively online instead. Online prices are lower than those of their competitors because the products sold online skip intermediary channels. This strategy, known as Business to Consumer, is known by people who do exclusively online shopping, thus saving significant amounts of money.

Another advantage of virtual stores is that they are able to promote certain products at reduced costs. Two or three banners on the home page have resolve the cost issue and the products are promoted significantly faster and simpler than by classic advertising methods.

In addition, space is no more a problem when trading online. If the business has grown and the range of products has expanded, the owner of an online store can secure additional space quite simply by adding a few more pages to the site.

Furthermore, a virtual store can generate money even when it does not sell any product. If the manager succeeds in attracting and maintaining a large number of visitors of the site, the store can still make money, simply by online advertising.