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Promotional material

The role of promotional material is to consolidate the relationship between a business and its customers.

Publi Media Business pays particular attention to promotional material and offers its clients only the highest quality products.

Whether you organize an event, or are looking for new ways of promoting your business but have not yet identified the most adequate promotion materials, Publi Media Business can provide you with a variety of personalized or non-personalized promotional gifts.

One type of promotion material provided by Publi Media Business are personalized wine bottles.

The wine is purchased from Dealu Mare, a vineyard located in Buzau county and widely known for the quality of its grapes.


The wine bottle is labelled with a large promotional label and a small label containing the standard specification of the vintage. The size of promotional labels is 12x9 cm and it is personalized by a design supplied by the client or one created by our agency.

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