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PR and CSR

An increasing number of businesses have become aware of the need to perform their activities in accordance with ethical norms expected by society.

It is vital for any company to seek to be perceived as part the local community and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays an important role in building an ethical image. To achieve this, we look at how to coordinate effectively the communication strategy with the values promoted by the company.

The corporate and social benefits of CSR programmes:

1. Enhanced reputation

The perceived image of a company has a direct impact on sales and therefore its profits. The relationship with the media, local authorities and partners are significantly affected by the way the company is perceived and by public confidence.

A company that fails to get involved in social projects and retains a “neutral” attitude towards the environment in which it operates makes itself more vulnerable to media attacks. CSR programmes allow for building a close relationship with its partners, public authorities and the media, which allows for crisis situations to be more easily managed.

The confidence and respect of social partners can be easily earned through a responsible attitude towards the community in which the company operates.

2. Brand identity and brand loyalty

CSR activities are fast becoming an element of the brand’s identity and represent a great opportunity to communicate the values of the brand as such values respond to the emotional needs of consumers.

If a few decades ago consumers used to choose products based on price and functionality, today they prefer brands perceived as ethical. Modern consumers are more informed, more capable of expressing their views and more concerned about environmental, health or social issues.

Ethical behaviour can be implemented through CSR activities aimed at persuading consumers that part of the company’s profit will be used in the interest to the local community concerned.

3. Increase in profits

Marketing campaigns aligned with a contemporary social concern could secure long-term profits for the company. This type of campaigning can be achieved through partnerships with non-profit organizations.

Such a partnership can benefit both, the social environment concerned, as recipient of funding, and the company, whose reputation leads to an increase in profits.

4. Increase in quality and productivity

Any manager is aware that corporate success is directly related to the quality of its workforce. Social involvement by the company gives its employees a sense of pride, which translates into a positive attitude towards work leading to improved productivity.

The aim of CSR programmes is to offer benefits to clients and to the business environment while upholding ethical and cultural values of the social sphere in which they operate. We will be happy to join you in your CSR campaigns and assist you in promoting projects that are both profitable and beneficial to society.