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Any successful business must take its image and its perception by society seriously. Most businesses are aware of the importance of PR for the consolidation of a favourable public image, which has lead to an increasing influence of PR in management decision making.

Public relations are vital for any company because they ensure a clear, concise and two-way communication with consumers. Unlike advertising, PR uses communication techniques less persuasive and attempts to secure consumer confidence by appealing to human, social and cultural values.

Developing a public relations strategy is essential for the reputation of the company because it directly influences the public’s perception of its activities.

The PR strategy is long-term and involves maintaining a constant attitude by the company, thus becoming the most effective means of communication in moments of crisis.

Together with classic PR services, such as event organizing, corporate communication, press and media communication (including online press releases), we also organize special CSR events related to non-profit activities and an annual PR strategy.

In developing a public relations campaign, we always take into account the fact that such a campaign must be a natural part of the general communication strategy and carefully consider the positioning of the brand as well as its emotional and rational message.

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