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Marketing and advertising online

Unlike conventional means of advertising (TV, radio, printed press) where it is impossible to assess accurately the rating, websites have the great advantage of offering an accurate count of the number of visitors.

Moreover, due to advances in technology, the ways in which products are presented are practically limitless. The product could be transposed into the digital world and in the form of images, banners, video, animations or drawings (including interactive drawings) in order to react to user’s actions.

Another limitation specific to conventional advertising is the time limit imposed by TV and radio networks which is not beyond 10-15 seconds. Even in the case of printed media, the slot allocated to advertising significantly limits the client’s possibilities to present its products efficiently.

All these barriers have disappeared with the launch of the internet. On a website, an advert could be published on all the pages accessed by users. Thus, on commercial or social networking sites, an advert could be viewed by a user for as long as a few hours.

The online medium offers advertising agencies maximum freedom in terms of creativity and gives them the chance to create interactive adverts in the form of games that capture the attention of visitors for longer.

We have mentioned here only a few of the advantages of online advertising. Publi Media Business invites you to discover, together with our experts, more secrets that could launch and energize your business.