Publimedia Business
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While at first advertising was done in a more intuitive manner, mainly through dissemination of information and by relying on the creative genius of some of their experts, the current trend of the business is to increasingly resort to specialist research and scientific approaches.

Publi Media Business offers integrated communication services through an effective anticipation of consumer behaviour. Our team provide clients with both, creative services and the planning of the communication process by highly qualified research and marketing experts.

Our activities include:

  • The preparation of the communication strategy
  • The establishment of  the concept for the advertising campaign
  • The selection of the most adequate media channels  and the optimal means of communication
  • The creation of advertising materials, as an expansion of the advertising concept
  • Establishing the media strategy and the identification of media space
  • Organisation of special events
  • The implementation of the advertising concept of the campaign through all conventional and nonconventional communication channels

Beginning with the creative concept and the identification of the most effective media channels, Publi Media Business establishes together with the client the best communication strategy and objectives.